This page serves as the hub for professors who would like to opt in to the research study looking at the use of Generative AI in the classroom.

What is StudyAI’D?

Welcome to StudyAI’D, a revolutionary platform based here in Detroit, Michigan, that is designed to integrate generative AI into academic learning. Here at University of Detroit Mercy, students and professors have the opportunity to use this revolutionary technology to advance their coursework and innovative knowledgebase. This initiative aims to enhance the educational experience for both professors and students by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology in classroom assignments. 

As educators dedicated to providing the best learning environment, you are invited to explore how generative AI can transform your coursework. StudyAI’D offers a seamless way to incorporate AI tools into your teaching methods, enriching the curriculum and engaging students in innovative ways.  

Professors also have the unique opportunity to participate in a research study assessing the impact and effectiveness of generative AI in the classroom. Your involvement will contribute to valuable insights on AI’s role in education. Participation is entirely voluntary, and you can choose to opt in or out of the study according to your preference. If interested, there is a dedicated page describing the steps for participating in this process. More information is located below. 

The Research Study

We invite interested professors to participate in this research study by integrating StudyAI’D into their classrooms for a semester. You will design assignments that allow students to use StudyAI’D chatbots as learning aids at various levels. This study aims to evaluate whether these AI tools enhance student learning outcomes or not. By participating, you contribute to groundbreaking research and help shape the future of educational technology. Interested professors can opt-in now to be part of this innovative exploration of AI in the classroom. Follow the instructions below to get started.

If you have additional questions about the research study, please email Dr. Phillip Olla, [email protected].

Getting Started

Steps for Getting Started

Step 1: Modify Curriculum

  • Modify your curriculum to include AI based-assignments that would use the tools on the website
  • Submit assignment and/or syllabus for review/modification

Step 2: Complete Pre-survey

Complete the Pre-survey at the link below:

(also contains consent form within survey)

Step 3: Complete Training Videos

This part is optional, but you may want to view training videos that were originally created for students that explain what generative AI is and how it can be used in the classroom context:

Step 4: Create StudyAI’D Account

  • Visit
  • Create account, select account type, “professor”
  • View this PDF (insert link) for a more detailed description on signing up
  • for more information ,visit the professor onboarding page (link)

Step 5: Onboard Students

  • Instruct students to visit the Onboarding for Students page and follow instructions
  • Submit access codes to students

Step 6: Complete AI Curriculum

Have students complete AI-based learning assignment(s) per your instruction!

Step 7: Complete Post-Survey

Click the link below to complete the post-survey once your course is complete:

We hope you enjoy your use of StudyAI’D!

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